Evangelist Michael Gobel

Soul Transformation

Evangelist Michael Gobel is the Prison Ministry Officer for African Enterprise (a non-profit,
evangelical, missionary organisation) and the author of an Advanced Restorative Justice Intervention
called ‘The Honour Programme.’
Michael has spent the last 8 years developing his programme having researched both the pros and
cons of corrective rehabilitation instruments been used in countries such as New Zealand, Australia,
Canada and America and how they have successfully been able to reduce the high levels of crime
and recidivism in some of these respective countries.
The Honour Programme challenges the current method and protocols been used within the
rehabilitation process in South Africa in respect of reconciliation, restoration, and re-integration by
placing more emphasis on the individuals ‘soul transformation’ rather than purely addressing the
criminal intent of the offender.
After serving in the ministry with African Enterprise for the last two and half years Michael felt a
strong calling to start his own non-profit ministry which is called ‘Planting Hope Foundation.’ Under
the guidance and direction of the Spirit, Planting Hope Foundation will endeavour to
passionately address the spiritual, educational and caring needs of those that are lost in this world –
to bring hope, love and proper biblical teaching to’s people irrespective of race, gender,
ethnicity or social status.
Evangelist Michael invites you to join him in his mission to transform the youth and many of those
that have possibly never had the opportunity of laying a firm biblical and moral foundation in their

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