Dr D

Discovering the Unknown Evangelist

I was born in South Africa, in Pietersburg in 1972. I am happily married to Lyn for 13 yrs. now. I have four children, Taytum, Chane, Tristan & Tyler Erskine. I studied God’s Word and Theology for 8 yrs. and have my Masters in Theology, a Doctorate of Ministry and has His (PhD) Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Ministry – Religious Studies. 

God laid it on my heart 2 yrs. ago to start a You Tube video Ministry, which for many reasons only happened when God connected us with the right people – Freek Vermaak.

The name he gave me was “unknown Evangelist” which now is going to
be the Programs name “Discovering the Unknown Evangelist” which
pertains to all Christ followers and is in side of all of us.
The program will help any person connect, grow and mature in their walk
with Jesus Christ, (through a real and true relationship with the Trinity,
discovering true LOVE, WORTH and PURPOSE) as the listeners/you
tube followers hear about and grow in Christ Jesus and His Word through
the different programs, which will deal with God’s Word, their daily walk
with God and understanding their true purpose and calling, (through their
obedience and Love for Jesus Christ and Father God’s perfect Love, will
and plan). It will help all the listeners realise that there is an unknown
Evangelist in each and every one of us...AND it’s that TIME, the
Biblical season for all to go out and let the whole World Know about
Jesus Christ and HIS GOOD NEWS before we reach the end of the world
as we know it. Jesus is coming back soon....

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FNB Cheque Account
Account number: 62351097714
Swift number: firnzajj (for International donations)